Our snow sports school was founded back in 1932. Since then we have strived to offer our guests an exceptional experience and the highest possible comfort in Davos.



The history of the Swiss Snowsports School Davos began in 1932 with the founding of the Davos Ski Schools in Platz and Dorf.



At that time, the courses took place on the Bolgenhang, where the world's first t-bar lift was opened in 1934. during the war, the school already employed 35 teachers.



The merger of the Swiss Ski School Davos-Parsenn took place in 1945/46 season and was led by Jack Ettinger, the inventor of the T-shaped double bar.

Cross-country lessons


At the end of the 60s, the demand for cross-country skiing lessons increased. At first, the ski instructors had to be prepared for a spontaneous assignment as cross-country ski instructors before the snow sports school introduced separate cross-country skiing classes in 1974.



After the snowboard boom of the 80's, a snowboard school was opened and we recognised the need for improved children's courses and began to strongly promote this section.



In 1996, the Snowsports School Davos became its first internet presence.



With "Snowli" as the trademark and mascot of the Swiss ski and snowboard schools at the same time, children are introduced to the subject of snow sports in a playful way and thus learn to ski or snowboard from scratch with a lot of fun.



For the digital administration of our ski school we still use the ski school software WS SPORTS from Waldhart Software. Since 2011 you can also find an online shop on our website, so that you can book and pay directly for the desired course from the comfort of your own home.

Staff house


Later in 2004, the "Hacienda" was bought and converted into a staff house for the snow sports instructors. Further renovations took place in 2008 and 2009 at the main office Parsenn



The valley station of the ski school's own ski lift Bünda was generously rebuilt. In addition to public toilets, a new office was built for the site manager, combined with 2 sales points, and a material storage.



The long-term Kinderland Büel was dissolved and incorporated directly into the infrastructure of the Bündalift. This means that all the different levels can be taught close to each other and optimally cared for with short distances throughout.

Logo Adaptation


The Davos Klosters destination redesigned its brand identity in April 2018. As a result, the Swiss Snowsports School Davos also had to redesign its previous logo and adapt to the brand identity of the destination. The new, fresh logo reflects the connection with Davos and the ski school as part of the destination.

Construction ställi Bolgen


The infrastructure at the Kinderland Bolgen was renewed in a major overall project. A new building with a recreation room for the snow sports instructors, three public toilets and a spacious equipment room was built in place of the old Ställi. A major terrain shift was also carried out in the children's area. The area can now be used by the youngest children throughout the winter season in a variety of ways and at the right level. At the same time, the valley station of the Geissloch lift was converted into an additional equipment room and a cloakroom for the ski instructors.

«Digital Step»


In order to always offer our guests the best online experience, the website has been completely redesigned. In simple steps, you can book the desired course completely online. A new customer portal was also introduced, which serves guests as an information platform for their courses and payment module. Digitalisation has also been promoted internally, and in future all snow sports instructors will be able to carry out all important functions directly via their smartphones, from work scheduling to work reports. This is thanks to the innovative solutions from Waldhart Software, which actively supports us at all times.

250 Snowsportsinstructors


Today, the Swiss Snowsports School Davos, with its more than 250 instructors, is proud to be able to offer a unique range of classroom and private lessons. For every age and ability level, on skis, snowboard, cross-country skiing, telemark and snowshoes, there are experienced specialists who guarantee rapid learning success. Through constant further training of all staff members, the joint development of optimal basics for teaching, as well as a vigilant and market-oriented orientation of the Snowsports School Davos, we have succeeded in becoming one of the leading snowsports schools in Switzerland.

We not only want to maintain this position, but also constantly strive for perfection.

Our Mission

As one of the largest Snow Sports Schools in Switzerland with the richest traditions we endeavour to implement the following guiding principles and values in our daily work.

  • The guest is central
    We place our guests in the centre of our activities, today and in the future.
  • Leading the way
    We want to be leaders in every sphere of activity and to build on this.
  • Team culture
    Our corporate emphasis is on the team and we know that we can achieve our objectives only by working together.
  • Security for the future through service
    With body and soul, commitment and efficient service we secure the future of snow sports on site and throughout Switzerland.
  • Identification with 6 precepts
    We identify with six precepts, which provide the signposts and are incentives for new endeavours.

Our six precepts

Empathy with the customer
We seek contact with the guests and take care of their needs.
We accept our responsibility within the team and thus create more benefits for our guests.
Our smart appearance creates a pleasant atmosphere and makes our customers feel really welcome.

Empathy with people
We respect our fellow human beings and look forward to lively exchanges.
We recognise and value the dedication, service and work of others, even when they are competitors.
Our work is based on communication and team spirit, both within and outside our destination.

Empathy for the product
We find it natural to take pleasure and interest in the work.
We try to improve our skills and set new benchmarks.
Identifying with the objectives, products and services in the working sphere forms part of our way of life.

Empathy for quality
We carry out our tasks with care and are pleased to be given new tasks.
We pursue our tasks right to the end. This goes right to the essence of the matter.
Not only do we influence quality positively, we promote it.
Empathy for the capacity to develop
We are open to change.
We are strongly committed to personal further training and promotion for our employees.
We support and promote our team, the company and the environment.
Empathy for balance
We value the trust of our guests, employees, service providers and public in our destinations.
Our positive thoughts make us resilient and able to deal with conflict.
Freedom for the employees and for us is important for the creation of new perspectives.