In the Blue Leage for beginners we learn the most important basics of snowboarding. At the beginning, we take our first rides on the snowboard in a protected environment. Step by step we learn clean turns, first wheelies and switch turns. At the end we are even ready for small jumps. 

NEW: we offer a Kids Village course in the high season or with 4 participants. Children from 3-6 years of age make their first snowboarding experiences in a playful and safe environment.

Blue Prince / Princess

if you are under 6 and like to try snowboarding, please book the Kids Village course. 

Bolgen: Mon to Fri
Times: 10am-12pm or

Course content

  • behaviour on the slopes (FIS rules)
  • Edging in the traverse
  • Edging to fullbase riding
  • Using the T-bar lift
  • Skidded turns

Blue King/Queen

Bolgen: Mon to Fri
Times: 10am-12pm or

Course content 

  • information on warm-up
  • turns
  • waltz
  • wheelie
  • two-legged jump on the slope

Blue Star

From the Blue Star level onwards, everyone needs a ski pass.

Bolgen: Mon to Fri
Times: 10am-12pm or

Course content

  • correct conduct in the snowpark
  • switch turns
  • speed check
  • Fifty/Fifty over simple box
  • jumps over small sites

Snowboard half days

Half days Price
single half days 55.00 CHF {snowboard-half-day/?q=1}
5 half days 230.00 CHF {snowboard-half-day/?q=5}

Snowboard full days

Days Price
single days 85.00 CHF {snowboard-full-day/?q=1}
5 days 350.00 CHF {snowboard-full-day/?q=5}

Packages (Snowboard lesson & ski pass)

For 5 consecutive lesson days you may purchase the lessons and ski pass package from us.

Packages5 days
Package snowboard children CHF
Package snowboard teens CHF
Package snowboard adults CHF

Trial course on Sunday

Would you like to try snowboarding, but you are not quite sure if this is for you? No problem. Attend our trial  snowboard course and find out for yourself. Our snowboard instructors will help you to make your first moves in a fun and secure environment.

The course takes place during high season only. see booking calender.

Snowboard trial course

half days price
1 half day currently not available
  • Course takes place from 4 participants. Courses with less than 4 people will be reduced in time, merged with other courses or cancelled
  • For the voluntary mountain excursion in the Blue Prince and King levels there are extra charges for the ski pass and the lunch care. The instructor or the sales personnel will be pleased to give you more details
  • Equipment not included in the rate. Please rent your equipment at the Sports Shop in due time before the course starts
  • Reservation by 5 pm on the previous day desirable
  • In the Blue Prince/King level, children stay down in the valley. You can collect your child at midday and lunch independently or entrust it to lunch care. For this, please purchase a coupon (CHF 20.00) in one of our Sales offices.
  • From the Blue Star level, children eat in the summit restaurant together. Please give your child about CHF 25.00 per day in cash for the lunch.
  • Boardercross on Friday on the Rinerhorn with memorial medal for everyone
  • Ski pass for the valley lift on Bolgen for the Blue Prince and Blue King levels