In the Red League for advanced skiers, we can playfully improve our skiing skills and always learn something new. For example, we practice short and parallel turns on easy and intermediate slopes and try out jumping over small kickers. In the Red League, the skiing fun really starts!

Please note: Everyone needs a skipass in the Red League. If you book 5 or 6 days you can buy a package (see furter down)

Red Prince/Princess

Bolgen Sun/Mon to Fri
Times: 10am-4pm

Course content

  • information on warm-up
  • parallel braking
  • step turning on easy slopes
  • waltz
  • parallel turns (sliding)

Red King/Queen

Requirement: smooth parallel turns

Bolgen: Sun/Mon to Fri
Parsenn:Mon to Fri
Times: 10am-4pm or

Course content

  • information on the right conduct in the Snowpark
  • short turns on easy slopes
  • skate step on plane ground
  • Basic Air (Small Kicker)
  • parallel turns with varied radii

Red Star

Bolgen: Sun/Mon to Fri
Parsenn:Mon to Fri
Times: 10am-4pm or

Course content

  • information on nature, forest and landscape
  • parallel turns in pole couloir and parcours
  • parallel turns "Switch" (sliding)
  • one-legged turns on easy slopes
  • short turns on intermediate slopes

Children Ski full days

Days Price
single days 85.00 CHF {kids-ski-full-day/?q=1}
5 days 350.00 CHF {kids-ski-full-day/?q=5}
6 days 410.00 CHF {kids-ski-full-day/?q=6}

Packages (ski lesson & ski pass)

For 5 or 6 consecutive lesson days you may purchase the lessons and ski pass package from us.

  • The number of children can vary depending on the season
  • For the course to be entered in the Swiss Snow League booklet you have to attend lessons for a minimum of 3 full days
  • Course takes place from 4 participants. Courses with less than 4 people will be reduced in time, merged with other courses or cancelled
  • Equipment not included in the rate. Please rent your equipment at the Sports Shop in due time before the course starts
  • Reservation by 5 pm on the previous day desirable
  • The ski race takes place on Fridays. Every child receives a medal
  • For the Red Prince level you can buy a lunch care coupon for your child (CHF 20.00), if you do not wish to pick them up at noon (Mon, Tue and Fri). For the mountain excursions (Wed and Thurs) a coupon is required.
  • Starting from the Red King level, children eat in a summit restaurant every day. Please give your child about CHF 25.00 per day in cash for lunch.