For Toddlers

Snowli and our highly qualified children’s instructors help you together with your parents to make a start with snow sports. In the Snowgarden we get to know our skis, how to brake and to ski our first fall lines. All of this happens in a safe environment, suitable for children. The course is only suitable for children from 3 to 4 years. Children from 4 years onwards can join the Kids Village.


Bolgen: Sunday/Monday to Friday 
Bünda: Monday to Friday

  • Notes


    • The number of children can vary depending on the season
    • For the course to be entered in the Swiss Snow League booklet you have to attend lessons for 5 half days
    • Course takes place from 4 participants. Courses with less than 4 people will be reduced in time, merged with other courses or cancelled
    • Equipment not included in the rate. Please rent your equipment at the Sports Shop in due time before the course starts
    • Reservation by 5 pm on the previous day desirable


The videos will make it easier to guess your current skill level. They are not used for definite grouping. Grouping is done by the instructors on the first day in order to make sure your child will be in the right group to have fun and be successful.