Beginners Blue League

Blue Prince: Beginners, who have never set foot on a snowboard, take their first steps in a protected environment. At this level you learn how to edge in the traverse and enjoy flat base riding. You will use the practice lifts and do skidded turns.
Blue King: Of course, you would like to learn more  than sliding backwards and forwards. This is why we show you the technique for clean turns, waltzing across the slope and we do our first wheelies. We spend a full day twice in the week on the mountain, so that we can really get the hang of snowboarding. 
Blue Star: At this level we spend all day on the mountain. We learn our first switch turns, do a fifty/fifty over a box and jump over small jumps. Don’t worry; the snowboard instructor shows you how to do these step by step. 


Bolgen: Monday to Friday
1/2 course days possible in the mornings for Blue Prince and King level.

Beginners can join the group until Tuesday only

Adults Blue League Snowboard Morning

Half days Price
1 52.00 CHF
5 220.00 CHF

Adults Blue League Snowboard Whole day

Days Price
1 Day 80.00 CHF
5 Days 335.00 CHF

From the Blue Star level you will need a ski pass. On individual lesson days please purchase a ski pass for the relevant mountain.

For 5 lesson days you may purchase the Lessons and Ski Pass Package from us.

Days Price
5 580.00 CHF
  • Inclusive services

    Inclusive services

    • Ski pass for the valley lifts for the Blue Prince and Blue King levels
  • Notes


    • Course takes place from 4 participants. Courses with less than 4 people will be reduced in time, merged with other courses or cancelled.
    • For the voluntary mountain excursion in the Blue Prince and King levels there are extra charges for the ski pass and the lunch care. The instructor or the sales personnel will be pleased to give you more details.
    • Equipment not included in the rate. Please rent your equipment at the Sports Shop in due time before the course starts.
    • Reservation by 5 pm on the previous day desirable.
    • Adults and children are in the same group.


The videos will make it easier to guess your current skill level. They are not used for definite grouping. Grouping is done by the instructors on the first course day in order to make sure you will be in the right group to have fun and be successful.