Geisslochlift on Bolgen (Davos Platz) is currently closed

Bündalift on Bünda (Davos Dorf) is currently closed

The actual opening days strongly depend on the snow conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

Number of trips Prices
Single ticket Child 2.00 CHF
Single ticket Adult 3.00 CHF
20 Points (20 trips for children, 10 trips for adults) 25.00 CHF
40 Points (40 trips for children, 20 trips for adults) 42.00 CHF
1/2 day pass Children 15.00 CHF
1/2 day pass Adults 25.00 CHF
Full day pass Children 20.00 CHF
Full day pass Adults 30.00 CHF
Season Pass Children 120.00 CHF
Season Pass Adults 240.00 CHF

Children under the age of 6 are not exempt from tax. Afternoon tickets valid from 12.15 pm.

Enjoy your trip and have a nice day!