Our Snow Sports School was founded as long ago as 1932. Since then we have tried to offer our guests an exceptional experience in every respect and as much comfort as possible in Davos.



The history of the Swiss Ski School Davos began in 1932 with the foundation of the Davos Ski Schools in Davos Platz and in Davos Dorf.

First T-bar lift in the world


At that time lessons were held in Davos Dorf at Böden and in Davos Platz on the Bolgen hill, where the first T-bar lift in the world was opened in 1934. In that year, during the war, the Ski School was already employing 35 instructors.

Merger of Davos-Parsenn


During the season 1945/46 the merger of the Davos-Parsenn Swiss Ski School took place. This was directed until 1955 by Jack Ettinger, the inventor of the double T-bar lift.

Cross-country ski lessons

End of the 1960’s

At the end of the 1960’s there was an increased demand for cross-country skiing. In the first instance the ski instructors had to be spontaneously classified as cross-country ski instructors and then in 1974 separate cross-country ski classes were introduced.



After the snowboard boom of the 1980‘s a snowboard school was opened and the need for improved skiing tuition for children was recognised and this section began to be strongly promoted.



With Snowli as a trademark and mascot of the Swiss Ski and Snowboard Schools, the children are introduced through play to snow sports and thus have a lot of fun learning skiing or snowboarding from the basics upwards. 



In 1996 the Davos Snow Sports School made its first Internet appearance.

Staff accommodation


Later in 2004 the "Hacienda" was purchased and converted as staff accommodation for the snow sports instructors. It was further converted in 2008 and 2009. With the new Bünda valley station and the modern main office it became possible to receive and advise the guests in a bright, friendly atmosphere. Since 2011 we also have an online shop on our website, where courses can be booked conveniently from home and can be paid for directly.

200 snow sports instructors


Today, with more than 200 instructors, the Swiss Snow Sports School Davos can be proud of offering something unique in group and private lessons. For every age-group and ability level, for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country, Telemark and snow-shoes, it has experienced specialists, who guarantee that guest learn quickly. Through constant further training for all employees, joint creation of the best possible bases for the instruction and an alert, market-oriented management of the Davos Snow Sports School, we have succeeded in becoming one of Switzerland’s leading snow sport schools.

We do not just want to maintain this; we are continually trying to expand and find perfection.